365 Tao

365 Tao
365 Tao 365 Tao is an audio podcast adaption of Deng Ming Dao's exceptional 1992 book of the same name which contemplates age old universal questions and suggests possible solutions from a Taoist viewpoint.

Released daily via Northern and Southern hemisphere RSS feeds to synchronize with the seasons of the listeners location, each episode contains a reading of the books date specific succinct essay which contemplates a single thought provoking theme such as happiness, love, death, ones personal accountability and spiritual path as an individual and as part of society.

The topics maybe some of the most questioned in human nature but the tone is light and contemplative rather than dogmatic, with an emphasis on the Toaist ideals of simplicity and the Way of Nature. While the content is Taoist in nature it is easily accessible to anyone who seeks wise council on humans most fundamental questions.

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  1. Postcast seems to have been suspended. Last Northern feed podcast was April 18