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Dilbert Animated Cartoons
Dilbert Animated Cartoons Based on the award winning comic strip by Scott Adams, Dilbert Animated Cartoons follows the life of electrical engineer Dilbert and his interactions with his workshy colleges, incompetent boss and megalomaniac pet. 

Frustrated in his worklife by company bureaucracy, ineffective management and being over worked, underpaid and under-appreciated, and in his personal life by his lack of social skills and hopelessness with the opposite sex, the 30 second cartoons poke fun at the absurdity of office politics, hierarchy and modern social etiquette with cutting wit and satire which many will relate to.

The short animations perfectly capture the comic strip which has gained cult status worldwide due to the universal themes and original witty humour making Dilbert Animated Cartoons highly entertaining to all in need of light relief from the technologically advanced but sometimes dysfunctional modern workplace and world.

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