Geekbeat TV

Geekbeat TV
Geekbeat TV Geekbeat.TV is a technology show that reports the latest tech news, research, gadgets, social media and anything internet 3 times a week on the Revision3 network.

Hosted by Cali Lewis who found internet fame as creator and presenter of predecessor show Geekbrief which ran from December 2005 to June 2010 on Mevio, Geekbeat.TV is a trusted source of news and reviews highly respected and loved by its tech peers and loyal following Cali is an excellent tech savvy host who has a genuine passion for technology and manages to concisely and light-heartedly report on a range of topics into a 5 minute video.

For large tech events such as CES and Mac World, a vast array of short videos are shot on the conference showroom each focusing on an individual product.

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