Push The Night - DJ Brad Miller

Push The Night - DJ Brad Miller
Push The Night - DJ Brad Miller Brad Miller is a DJ based in New York City who plays a mixture of house, progressive, trance and techno in some of the cities hottest clubs. After honing his skills on Seattle's KUPS 90.1FM with his In The Mix show for 2 years, he moved to the Big Apple and now publishes live recordings of his club sets as well as promotional studio mixes via his Push The Night podcast.

Each episode is introduced by Brad and followed by a full length mix which usually focuses on a sub genre of electronic music and contains embedded chapters, pictures and links to the current track being played through the enhanced mp3 format.

The track selection and mixing abilities are excellent and comparable to well known DJs and Brad is a perfect example of a local DJ using the distribution method of podcasting to promote himself to a worldwide audience.

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