Stanton Sessions - Stanton Warriors

Stanton Sessions - Stanton Warriors
Stanton Sessions - Stanton Warriors The Stanton Warriors are UK production and DJ duo Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley whose unique sound of bass heavy breakbeat club tracks destroy the dancefloors of the biggest clubs worldwide.

As pioneers of the Nu Skool Breaks genre in the UK at the turn of the millennium they have carved out their own distinct style influenced by garage, hip hop and jungle that all contain a huge dose of sub bass to test the most robust of PA systems and studio trickery hooks through remixes, unofficial edits and their own tracks making them highly sought after club headliners. 

The Stanton Sessions podcast features studio promo mixes from the duo and is an essential listening for breakbeat fans though ditch those standard white iPod earphones and do the mixes justice and listen with some high quality speakers or headphones.

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