Tim and Simon's Brain Spill

Tim and Simon's Brain Spill
Tim and Simon's Brain Spill Tim Barnes and Simon Berry's aptly named Brain Spill is a bi weekly audio podcast of comedy chatter and ramblings discussing funny events in their lives and whatever random thoughts spill from their minds.

Contemplating life from a humanoid robot, the secret to winning rock, paper scissors and the reason why John McCririck and a walrus have never been seen together in the same room are just some of the random topics they discuss with genuinely funny outcomes.

The pair are lifelong friends and you get the feeling they would be discussing the same random topics in the pub without the mic. A gem of a podcast but don't take my word for it though, UK comedy legend and podcaster Richard Herring gave Brain Spill a listen and wrote his own (concise) review - "Not as Shit as I expected." Indeed.

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