Exit Through The Gift Shop

Exit Through The Gift Shop
Exit Through The Gift ShopExit Through the Gift Shop is a 2010 Academy nominated documentary directed by the worlds best known but most illusive Grafiti artist - Banksy.

The film tells the story of Thierry Guetta and his obsession and vast video documentation of illegal street art in its formative years in the 1990s which leads to a meeting with the notorious Banksy and eventual evolution into an artist in his own right.

In this five minute Banksy cut promotional video, the synopsis of the film is created with footage from the documentary. Genuine documentary or the greatest hoax of his career so far..? The debate continues but what is certain is the film is an incredible insight and perhaps the definitive movie of the underground street art culture which has a staggering 97% fresh rating on movie review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes.

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  1. I've seen this film and i absolutely loved it. I couldn't agree more with rotten tomatoes. However, I assume if you don't like Banksy then you wouldn't like it. I love your blog because I also love podcasts and I use your blog to find new listening material.