A Quiet Mind

A Quiet Mind In A Quiet Mind host Robert Jackson documents his thoughts on his quest to have a more simplified, spiritually fulfilling life and an uncluttered mind through contemplation, meditation and ancient eastern wisdom. From swapping his comfortable regular pay check at a corporate job to devoting his life to seeking and teaching Universal truth, Robert discusses topics such as mindfulness, awareness, compassion, meditation, breathing and positive thinking techniques from an Eastern, Buddhist and Zen viewpoint with practical applications for 21st century Westerns.

What may have begun as a cathartic release has resonated with listeners worldwide due in part to the deeply personal but universal topics and the way Robert naturally talks to what seems like himself, the individual listener and everybody at the same time, a dichotomy which is reflective of Eastern philosophy.

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  1. Please let me know who wrote this wonderful review of my podcast. I would like to credit you for it. - robert