Apple Keynotes

Apple Keynotes
Apple Keynotes Apple Keynotes have been the preferred method for technology giant Apple to announce new products to a room full of live blogging technology journalists for well over a decade. Synonymous with the late CEO Steve Jobs and affectionately known as "Stevenotes", the presentations showcase the companies latest never seen before products with simple but stylish slideshows, hands on demos, good humour and "just one more thing" surprises that confirm or deny months of rumors, half truths and hearsay.

Landmark keynotes for groundbreaking products include 2000's OS X, 2001's iPod, 2007's iPhone and 2010's iPad and while future Keynote presenters may never compare with the companies founder they are sure to be as popular with eagerly awaiting reporters and Apple fanboys and girls alike.

The Apple Keynotes Podcast features the official full length video recording of the presentation released shortly after the event.

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