Tim and Simon's Podathon

Tim and Simon's Podathon
Tim and Simon's Podathon Running a marathon for charity is all well and good but it requires months of dedicated training and some decent trainers if you want to get more than a few hundred meters from the starting line. Instead of all this sweaty running, Tim and Simon from BrainSpill fame let their mouths do the running when they stayed awake for 24 hours straight from 10pm on the 27th September 2011 releasing 10 minute clips of their ramblings every hour as a podcast in an bid to raise £1000 for The Alzheimer's Society.

The Podathon includes the pairs usual comedy banter which gets more random as the hours progress and sleep deprivation kicks in as well as hearty messages and voice mails of support from live listeners and fellow podcasters.

If you missed the live releases of the Podathon catch up with the entire 26 episodes at your own leisure and consider donating here.

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