Tom and Jon Takeover Your Ears

Tom and Jon Takeover Your Ears
Tom and Jon Takeover Your Ears Mates Tom Mayhew and Jon Reynolds' Takeover Your Ears is an unedited and uncensored foray into the world of podcasting with random banter, chat and laughs from the Hertfordshire pair.

From reviewing their hometown and discussing funny stories in local newspapers to selling self portraits on ebay and chums popping in for a chat, the podcast is a perfect example of "just do it" DIY podcasting where anyone can broadcast and potentially find a worldwide audience.

Similar in style to the previously reviewed BrainSpill, the podcast is in its honeymoon period (Dec 2011) and the pair are still experimenting with regards to podcast length, regularity and content. Saying that the duo have made a promising start and with a bit of fine tuning the show will find its feet. Subscribe now and join their Facebook fan page to proudly proclaim in the near future you listened before they made it big.

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