UKF Podcast

UKF Podcast
UKF Podcast What started as a YouTube Channel created in 2009 by 19 year old Bristol based Luke Hood to promote the latest Dubstep and Drum and Bass tracks has quickly become the number one source to listen to Bass music on the video sharing site.

With a staggering 500 million YouTube views and millions of subscribers in little over 2 years, UKF tapped into the underground music scene and gave bass music fans what they had been craving for - the latest Drum and Bass and Dubstep releases uploaded with permission and played in their entirety over the now infamous UKF speaker logo.

Now a trusted brand with a huge loyal following and scene support, compilation albums for Dubstep and Drum and Bass along with the UKF Podcast featuring promo mixes from the scenes hottest DJs was inevitable to further showcase the sound of Bass music to new and devoted fans.

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