The Adam & Joe Xfm Podcast

The Adam & Joe Xfm Podcast
The Adam & Joe Xfm Podcast Highlights from comedy duo Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish's stint at London's XFM are available as 20 hilarious podcast episodes.

Originally they were suppose to be temporary presenters filling in for Rickey Gervais' Saturday show in 2003 whilst he filmed the 2nd series of The Office but when Gervais left the station shortly after, the pair took over the slot staying for 3 years before moving to BBC 6 Music.

The show consisted of the inventive pairs musings and silliness with regular features such as Song Wars where the pair write and record a themed song and listeners vote the winner. The banter is genuinely funny, witty and engaging and although there are plenty of "in" jokes that regular listeners will appreciate, new listeners will not feel excluded. All in all some of the finest comedy radio broadcast in the UK in recent times which podcast subscribers can relive.

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