Our Big Dumb Mouth

Our Big Dumb Mouth
Our Big Dumb Mouth "If Alex Jones, Jon Stewart and Howard Stern had a baby, we'd be it." - an apt description for Our Big Dumb Mouth, a weekly comedy Ustream broadcast / podcast that answers the questions that shouldn't be asked.

Hosted by Columbus Ohio resident Mike.3 with a revolving door of guests / friends including street carny Bradford, stoner rock singer Jeff and nice guy tDog, they discusses everything and anything from current events, conspiracy theories, obscure news, movies and personal stories.

The lovable rogue genuinely funny hosts seamlessly jump from one random topic to the next keeping new and loyal listeners engaged and the content fresh - resulting in an entertaining, edgy, professional sounding show that could easily compete with "shock jocks" on traditional radio.

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  1. this is a fantastic podcast. i love it.