Fresh Meat Cold Beer

Fresh Meat Cold Beer
Fresh Meat Cold Beer Fresh Meat and Cold Beer is a personal audio blog by the semi anonymous "Michelle", a 30 something single mother from Canada who talks about her life and subsequent balancing act of bringing up her son, working in a corporate environment and looking at future entrepreneurial opportunities.

Each episode is around 10 minutes long and contains an unedited monologue from Michelle who talks honestly about what is on her mind - from beginning to date again after a decade absence to describing her personal philosophies and lessons learnt along her life's journey and her cathartic confessions of balancing providing for her child with fulfilling her career goals.

Her anonymity adds to the mystery and the topics discussed are sure to resonate with women worldwide in a similar situation. It is ultimately an example of the power of podcasting where an individual whose initial intention was to express her feelings online has found a voice and audience.

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