Podrunner Workout Music

PodRunner Workout Music
PodRunner Workout Music Los Angeles DJ Steve Boy has a novel approach to his podcast DJ mixes, tailoring high energy dance tracks to create one hour fixed tempo and interval workout music mixes designed to motivate walkers, joggers and runners.

His Podrunner series is the most downloaded free exercise podcast and after subscribing it is clear why they are so popular. The music quality is excellent with seamless mixing of the best percussive, funky and progressive house with hi octane trance and are the perfect length for an aerobic exercise routine.

Each mix is named with its fixed or range of beats per minute to help you find the right speed mix to compliment your particular workout - from warm up 137 BPM four to the floor house right up to 180 BPM drum and bass - and everything inbetween from over 100 mixes available on the podcast or through the Podrunner iOS App.

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