Rich Herring - Warming Up

Rich Herring - Warming Up
Rich Herring - Warming Up In 2002 British comedian Richard Herring (described as "one of the leading hidden masters of modern British comedy") started a daily blog on his website as a means to overcome the dreaded writers block. Since then he has written every day - making it one of the longest running daily blogs worldwide.

Spanning everything from his stand up shows to his relationships, social commentary and comedic take on the mundane hum drum of life, his writing is witty, often sarcastic and self deprecating but always brutally honest and a cathartic release describing the highs and lows of his life that spawns ideas for his future TV/Radio/Stand Up material that push the boundaries of comedy to the limit.

If you prefer listening to the man himself or just too lazy to read the blog, Rich releases a podcast version of the Warming Up Blog. Strangely entertaining with a feeling of stalking a man who wants to be stalked. AIOTM!

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