SoldierKnowsBest Mark Watson is a video blogger (and US Army reserve) who reviews and demos the latest consumer technologies under the alias SoldierKnowsBest. He began uploading videos to YouTube in 2008 and has since been picked up by new media giant Revision3 who distribute his shows as a podcast.

The videos are the classic vlog format with Mark being recorded by a webcam in his room and edited with cutaways as he gets hands on with the latest phones, tablets, computers and must have gadgets. But don't mistake the lack of a traditional TV Style set for amateurism, in fact the simple style is more authentic which his 300,000+ subscribers can easily relate to.

Mark is enthusiastic, genuinely likable and trustworthy with valid well thought out and unbiased opinions on the products he reviews which makes for an engaging, entertaining and informative show that has seen incredible success and makes Soldier one of the most influential tech reviewers vlogging today.

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