The Charlie Tonic Hour

The Charlie Tonic Hour
The Charlie Tonic Hour The Charlie Tonic Hour is a weekly recorded get together with Cincinnati duo Charlie Moore and co host Ginny Tonic who chat about their favourite music, counter culture, alcoholic beverages and recent personal adventures.

Charlie is a long time comic book fan and is the founder of and seasoned podcaster who hosted the first 300 episodes of the comic book review podcast The Related Recap before moving onto podcast pastures new.

He now works with go-go girl Ginny at Pandora Promotions who organize Steampunk, Cabaret and Sci-Fi themed events in Kentucky. With such cool hobbies, work and interests the chat is always entertaining with a great mix of serious and frivolous social commentaries and personal stories and opinions from the fun loving pair inbetween downing shots and music from Doctor Bombay and the Atomic Bachelor Pad. Check out their Facebook page and site for show notes, additional blog posts and to say hi.

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing us, and so quickly too. Charlie and I have been having a blast doing this and we hope it's fun to listen to as well.