Mayhew Kempster Pop Culture

Mayhew Kempster Pop Culture
Mayhew Kempster Pop Culture Tom Mayhew (from the Tom and Jon Takeover Your Ears Podcast) and mate Dan Kempster get together every fortnight to mock and slowly destroy from within elements of modern day popular culture that they find ridiculous.

In their new podcast Mayhew Kempster Pop Culture the pair target topics such as the sleazier side of internet dating, buzz word job application questions, the tabloids non-news journalism and taking aim at certain members of the community that annoy them beyond despair.

Unedited and raw with a huge dose of silliness and an air of a student bar conversation after 5 snakebites, the show is sarcastic, funny and satirical with an element of truth in their rants. Check out their Facebook page to connect and send your own pet peeves of modern culture and society for Tom and Dan to take a pop at.

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