Clutch and Wiggle Radio

Clutch and Wiggle Radio
Clutch and Wiggle Radio New Jersey residents and long time friends Rob and Craig - aka Clutch and Wiggle - broadcast their live, uncensored, adult language show on their own internet radio station network every Thursday 7-9pm EST and release it as a podcast for slackers the following day.

In their own words they "take you on a verbal whirlwind as they spin, annihilate and humiliate everything and anything in the world today, bringing comedy and justice the way no one else sees the world."

A bold statement that the pair live up to with a unique perspective on odd ball stories from media sources around the world as well as their own lives. Not a podcast for the faint of ears but fans of ranting comedy to let off steam from life's annoyances should take a listen. As their radio station motto says "What else would an (im)mature adult want to listen to.?"

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