Into Your Head

Into Your Head
Into Your Head Into Your Head is the improvised nonsense caffeine fueled monologues of "Neal" from Ireland. Utterly bonkers and surreal, Neal barely takes a break to breath proving the Irish are gift of the gab kings.

The chaos of the universe personified in pure audio form. You won't find a more random podcast. Though you can't help listen now and again to hear what utter nonsense Neal is going to spout.

When asked to describe his show Neal responded "Let's just say it's like the audio equivalent of taking your pencil for walk. I start a sentence and genuinely doesn't know whear the rest of the sentence is going to be about, I just "follow the pencil". The result is a unique and outlandish improvised audio monologue." 

The show has been online since 2006 with over six hundred episodes to date and new episodes are released every Wednesday and Saturday presumably when Neal forgets to take his medication. The nonsense ramblings of a madman or comedy genius..? You decide.

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