Just for Laughs Gags

Just for Laughs Gags
Just for Laughs Gags Just for Laughs Gags is a silent hidden camera prank show where the reactions of unsuspecting members of the public caught in bizarre and silly prearranged circumstances are captured from afar and accompanied with canned laughter and comedic music.

From Alien landings to stripping policemen there have been over 3000 short 1 to 2 minute episodes filmed mostly in Quebec and Montreal since its inception in 2000 from the twisted minds of hidden camera show veteran Pierre Girard and French Canadian comedy superstar Jacques Chevalier Longueil initially for broadcast on Canadian TV station Télé Québec.

However they soon found out that as laughter and fun is a universal language the show became a popular hit around the world for audiences after some light hearted entertainment. Now the show is available on demand via their Youtube Channel as well as a podcast feed thanks to distribution partners Revision3 for viewers to watch the sillyness at their leisure.

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