Left of Leftfield

Left of Leftfield
Left of LeftfieldAfter a short time dwelling in the leftfield, friends Mark Charnock and Paul Coates took another left, pressed record and uploaded the results - their Left of Leftfield podcast.

Each bi-monthly 30 minute episode features Mark and Paul creating ridiculous solutions to listener dilemmas as they let their minds wander leaving all sense and logic sitting by the roadside as they venture into the left of leftfield.

In addition to stretching the meaning of "solution" to its zenith the show has some regular features including "what the LOL happened next" and the inventions round where one of the hosts has to guess which one of 3 bonkers inventions is totally made up with the other 2 being equally left of leftfield.

All in all a great "two mates rambling" comedy style podcast to escape the ordinary for a while.

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