Simply Unlucky

Simply Unlucky
Simply Unlucky Simply Unlucky is an unboxing and review show of Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards by the highly excitable super fanboy Roman Grothaus. Since amassing almost a cult YouTube following as the cards themselves with over 60,000 subscribers, his vlogs have been picked up by Revision3 for podcast distribution.

First launched in 1999 Yu-Gi-Oh is the best selling trading card collection in the world with an estimated 22 Billion cards sold to date and if players like Roman are anything to go by fans are extremely enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated about the game which may account for the popularity of Simply Unlucky and the loyalty of its fans.

If you know the different monster and spell categories, play in tournaments or just casually and love unboxing videos of your favourite card game, Simply Unlucky is a podcast for you - by possibly the ultimate fan for the fans.

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