The Unbelievable Podcast

The Unbelievable Podcast
The Unbelievable Podcast Taking a lighter look at the latest paranormal, conspiracy theory, fringe science, cryptozoological, and alien news is New York Comedian Brian Frange and buddies Tim Dillon, Charles Gould and Crystal Delahanty in their weekly Unbelievable Podcast.

"Unbelievable" topics include everything out of the ordinary from secret underground military bases, political cover ups and Illuminati style conspiracies to UFO, Alien and ghost sightings.

The Unbelievable Podcast is a great mix of intelligent debate and paranormal themed comedy chat and skits with interviews, bizarre facts, speculation and hearsay - imagine the X Files' Mulder and chums having a lads night out after a hard day investigating the mysterious and stumbling into a New York stand up comedy club, taking the stage after some dutch courage entertaining the crowd with their work related antidotes.

Whether your choose to believe the truth is out there or not Brian and the gang are here to remind you not to take it too seriously.

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