Top Marketing Strategies Podcast

Top Marketing Strategies Podcast
Top Marketing Strategies Podcast Entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers and SEO specialists Mike Pereira and Troy Broussard joined forces in 2008 after over 30 years combined e-commerce experience to create - a space to synergise and share their knowledge of online marketing and traffic generation.

In addition to the sites hundreds of blog posts, in December 2012 the pair launched theTop Marketing Strategies Podcast- a weekly half hour or so audio podcast where the guys discuss an aspect of Internet marketing strategies such as linkbuilding, branding, content creation, search engine optimization, paid and organic traffic generation and answering listener questions submitted via their dedicated online form - or through their active social media pressence- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

If you are involved in niche marketing, online affiliates or just looking for tips to get your site on the front page of Google for your keywords, Mike and Troy's Top Marketing Strategies Podcast is an excellent resource with straightforward as jargon free as possible advice from experienced and successful internet marketers who practice what they preach.

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