aussieBum Video Podcasting

aussieBum Video Podcasting
aussieBum Video Podcasting Born on the shores of sunny Bondi Beach, Australia in 2001, AussieBum has fast become Australia's leading men's underwear and swimwear label known for their contemporary style, vibrant colors, outrageous designs and cheeky, confident super cool Aussie attitude branding and advertising with the moto "If you doubt yourself, wear something else." .

The aussieBum podcast features product promo videos, behind the scenes footage of events and photoshoots, model roadtrip vlogs and public challenges. The podcast is an excellent example of a brand using video to really engage their customers and promote their ethos through videos, leaving the viewer with the impression that AussieBum is a cool brand who make quality underwear and swimwear with attitude but deffinately don't take themselves too seriously.

While their clothing is currently for men only there are sure to be a generous amount (if not the majority) of female podcast subscribers due to the large amount of 6 pack flaunting male models wearing only flattering underwear - enjoy.

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