Sessler's ...Something

Sessler's ...Something
Sessler's ...Something Adam Sessler is considered one of the most influence and recognisable video game critics in the world having covered the industry on TV and the internet since the late 1990's on shows such as X-Play and Attack of the Show.

Since leaving G4TV in April 2012 he has become the Executive Producer of the video games output arm of Revision3 - Rev3 Games - and hosts his own show entitled Sessler's ...Something, an interim name that stuck after failing to find a more appropriate title. :)

In his vlog style show Adam voices his outspoken and often controversial opinions about the state of the games industry. He pulls no punches in his honest reviews and is just as likely to be scathingly critical or heaping praise depending on the topic.

His views draw a lot of attention from games fans who continue the debate with sometimes opposing and as strong opinions. "The Sess" as he is known is a video game fanboy first and foremost which combined with his enthusiastic, honest and witty commentaries on the industry and releases has seen him become somewhat of an authority and spokesperson for gamers.

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