My Mobile Life with Cali Lewis

My Mobile Life with Cali Lewis
My Mobile Life with Cali Lewis Since phones have moved away from simple text and voice devices to become more like handheld computers with their own operating system and apps using processors and RAM that would outperform a computer not much older - what modern smart phones are capable of is incredible but sometimes overwhelming.

Cali Lewis of Geekbeat fame shows viewers how to get the most out of their phone in her mobile device dedicated show My Mobile Life with Cali Lewis.

In her lovable enthusiastic geek-chic way, each episode Cali delves into a topic and demonstrates the best apps on the most popular mobile platforms.

From editing photos, audio and video, streaming live TV and radio to tracking income and social media and so much more, if you are looking for tips, tricks and advise on how to be more productive and have fun with your phone/hand held portable super computer, My Mobile Life is definitely worth clicking subscribe.

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