Ty's iHelp

Ty's iHelp
Ty's iHelp YouTube vlogger and Apple fanboy baseball cap wearing Ty Moss covers the latest news, rumors, reviews and tutorials on all things related to technology giant Apple in his iHelp podcast.

iPhones, iPods, iPads, iOS, Macs and Apps - reviews of the current versions and news/rumors about the next generation from credible sources as well as how-tos such as jailbreaking devices.

A fun podcast with a growing and engaged following from a young guy making his own technology review videos from his bedroom talking about a topic which he is passionate about. Very new media - who needs a TV studio..? got an opinion..? film it and post it online.., which is maybe one reason Revision3 signed him for distribution of the show.

Great resource for perhaps the younger generation of fellow Apple fanboys and girls from a rising star in real world tech journalism.

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