Out of The Box Podcast

Out of The Box Podcast
Out of The Box Podcast Comedian Rosie Tran interviews fellow "out of the box", alternative and progressive thinkers from a wide range of backgrounds in her weekly Out of the Box Podcast available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Fellow comedians, actors and podcasters, politicians, film makers, entrepreneurs, scientists and even banking whistleblowers and porn stars are among her guests having a light hearted, informal and sometime explicit chat filled with Rosie's infectious laugh.

This isn't the typical "interview successful people in their field" podcast. Rosie brings her outgoing personality to the mic whatever the topic. I imagine Rosie is as bubbly and honest out of the studio as she is Out of the Box - a refreshing new podcast that puts the fun back into the interview format. Don't get her wrong though, Rosie can talk about more "serious" issues and hold her own with informed guests but makes the conversation entertaining without devaluing the topic.

Connect with Rosie on Twitter @funnyrosie, Facebook and www.outoftheboxpodcast.com

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