The Crewlab Podcast

The Crewlab Podcast
The Crewlab Podcast The Crewlab Podcast is a weekly show by Alan VanToai where he discusses music marketing and promotion with industry guests who work either side of the stage - including artists, management, concert and festival promoters and venue owners.

As the founder of the SimpleCrew street team mobile app and a street team veteran, Alan is no stranger to music promotion which seems as equal a passion to him as the music and events themselves.

Past guests include Hasan Zaidi (Street Team Director for Bassnectar), Kevin Earle (Marketing Director for festival promoters MCP Presents) and Justin Berger (Founder of Deathwaltz Media Group). Some impressive guests and great interviews with inside industry info such as effective face to face and social media promotion.

If you are interested in what it takes to get that hit track from the studio to the masses and promote successful concerts The Crewlab Podcast is a worthy listen. More info on Alan and Crewlab at their website Facebook and Twitter.

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