Three Essays About Massurrealism

Three Essays About Massurrealism
Three Essays About Massurrealism Massurrealism is a sub genre of art that combines mass media imagery and surrealism. The genres beginnings and portmanteau word created in 1992 is credited to American Artist James Seehafer as a self described characterization of his artwork.

The Museum of Massurrealism Art - an online gallery created by Seehafer to champion Massurrealist work - have released a 35 minute audio podcast edition of their book "Three Essays about Massurrealism" which is excellently narrated by Grover Gardner.

The Three Essays are Seehafer's updated edit of his 1992 "Introduction to Massurrealism"  Michael Morris' 1998 "Massurrealism: A more realistic way of seeing the world" and Philip Kocsis' 2002 "Massurrealism and the concept of relative reality". The essays describe in the artists own words the genres beginnings, influences, methodology, meaning and continuing evolution.

To view Massurealist art by the essay authors and learn more about Massurrealism please take the time to visit and their Facebook page.

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