The WOW Small Business Show

The WOW Small Business Show
The WOW Small Business Show Launching, running and ultimately succeeding in a small business requires a unique set of skills that can overwhelm many. There are many resources available for support but perhaps one of the most valuable is to listen to those who have been there and done that - learning from their experiences and knowledge. One such resource is Brian Orr's Wow Small Business podcast.

Bryan Orr is a successful small business owner with a desire to share his knowledge with entrepreneurs at all stages of their career. In his Wow Small Business podcast Bryan discusses a range of topics - from Marketing, hiring and hiring, finance, efficiency and leadership - with fellow small business owners, providing actionable information, tips and stories.

Episodes are on average an easily digestible 30 minutes interviewing fellow small business owners on their successes (and mistakes), strategies and business ethos. On the very first episode the tables were turned and Bryan was interviewed by fellow podcaster Bill Nowicki so definately check this one out to hear more about Bryan's backstory and his aims for the podcast. Overall an inspiring podcast that is both grounded and promotes hard work but with a positive theme that you CAN do it if you put your mind to it.

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